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What Can You Get For $40?

Another fun trip to the Winters Farmers’ Market today. You can come home with all sorts of things if you throw down $40. Here’s what we bought today: Jodar Farms: country style pork ribs – $9/lb Jodar Farms: dozen eggs: $5 Windsor Dairy: Colona cheese $8 MMLocal: pickled beets – $8 MMLocal: pickled peppers – […]

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Today It’s Kidneys Instead

It’s January 25th, 2014 and today was the third farmer’s market weekend of the year. I made out like a bandit; amazing, fresh produce. Each time I walk into a Winter Farmers’ Market I am so grateful to Be Local’s Hill Grimmett & Gailmarie Kimmel for having the vision back in early 2000 to get […]

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Where’s the Ox Tongue?!

I’ll be honest, I was rather disappointed to come away from Saturday’s Winter Farmers’ Market without an ox tongue (aka beef/cow tongue). There was a vendor there Sat 11th who had beef tongue for sale, but I got so caught up in chatting with vendors and taking photos I complete forgot to pick up a […]

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