Where’s the Ox Tongue?!

fort-collins-winter-farmers-market-20140118I’ll be honest, I was rather disappointed to come away from Saturday’s Winter Farmers’ Market without an ox tongue (aka beef/cow tongue).

There was a vendor there Sat 11th who had beef tongue for sale, but I got so caught up in chatting with vendors and taking photos I complete forgot to pick up a tongue before I left.

Sadly (for me) this Saturday there was no tongue to be found. Actually that’s incorrect, Jodar Farms had pork tongue and lamb tongue for sale, but I’m afraid I’m rather set in my ways and ox tongue is what I’m used to so I didn’t try the pork or lamb. It’s on my to-do list though (I’ll keep you posted).

Nevertheless, the market was awesome as usual. The layout was rearranged a bit, and the vendors swapped up a bit, so it felt new, different, but comfortably familiar.

One of the many things I love about the Winters Farmers’ Market is the amazing musicians we get to listen to while shopping the stalls.

This Saturday was no exception, young Sammy only 10 yrs old, was extraordinary on the fiddle. I’m not sure what I was more impressed with, her fiddle playing or the fact that she had the moxy to play for such a crowded room.

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