Vendor Spotlight: White & Elm

sherrelle-white-and-elmThis week’s post is on White & Elm who have created a hypoallergenic sustainable skin care line and guarantee that each product will contain 10 ingredients or less.

Owner, founder, and skin care creator Sherelle Reed answers our questions.

How long have you lived in Fort Collins?
I’ve lived in Fort Collins for a little over twenty years. I moved here with my family in the 90’s and then attended Colorado State University where I met my husband. We love Fort Collins so much that we’ve made a life here and now are raising our family here as well.

How long have you been making your skin care products?
I’ve been making skincare products on my own for a little over two years, but White & Elm just launched in November of 2014.

What got you started?
I was struggling with my skin. I had never had sensitive skin before, but maybe because of the products that I was using or the stage of my life, I began to have skin sensitivities. That is what lead me on the path to discover how great my skin could feel with handmade, small-batch skincare that’s made with only a few, high quality ingredients. When friends and family encouraged me to make it available to everyone, it seemed like something that I just had to do.

white-and-elm-skin-care-winter-farmers-marketHow often do you have a stall at the farmers’ markets here in town?
Our first experience with the Winter’s Farmer’s Market was this January. We had an amazing day sharing our products, talking with Fort Collins folks about their skin. We are so blessed to live in such an amazing community. You’ll see us again. We are planning many more Farmer’s Market appearances this year.

Where else can people purchase your skin care products?
Right now the best place to find us is on our website, but this Spring we’ll be working with Fort Collins retailers to have more local shops where you can find our products.

Which people and/or organizations have had an influence on the growth and success of your business?
We have many influencers for which we are grateful, but one of our most influential resources is the Environmental Working group out of Washington D.C. Their SkinDeep program ( was incredibly helpful to me when I was struggling to find products for my skin and was also a tremendous resource for us as we were formulating our own product line.

What are your goals, your vision for the future?
Our goals for this next year are to grow our local presence and eventually open a place of our own here in Fort Collins.

My vision for the future is that natural beauty will become more mainstream and that people will no longer have to choose products that are full of toxins and harmful preservatives. We hope to be a big part of that movement and it’s our mission to provide incredibly effective skincare that is also incredibly good for you!

skin-care-white-and-elmWhat do you like best about the farmers’ markets?
I love being able to talk with so many people and share what we do. We make skincare products, but our company mission is so much more. How we make our products (small-batches) and the ingredients we use in our products (100% organic and natural ingredients) drives what we do. We hope that our company’s ecofriendly policies and community minded ethics can make an impactful mark on our community.

What’s your favorite product available at Fort Collins farmers’ markets?
My favorite product to share is our Oat & Calendula Exfoliating MicroGrains because it’s such a unique product on the market. It’s also one of our best sellers and one that our customers can’t get enough of.

Be sure to look for us here at the Farmer’s Market’s in Fort Collins this spring and summer. We’d love to chat with you about what we do!


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