Vendor Spotlight: Loco Bueno

This week’s spotlight is on Fort Collins based Loco Bueno who make a healthy, versatile, gluten and dairy free Green Chile with Turkey Breast.

Owner and Chef Greg “Loco Gringo” Answers Our Questions

loco-bueno-green-chile-turkey-breastHow long have you lived in Fort Collins?
Proud to say that I am a Colorado Native! I have lived in Fort Collins for 18 years and was born and raised in Denver.

How long have you been making your green chile?
Quite a long time, 20 + years! I started with a very basic recipe from an old New Mexican cookbook that my Mom and Dad gave me as a gift. Over the years I have adjusted and tweaked it more and more to my liking.

What got you started?
Friends and family telling me “You could sell this stuff, it is so good!”

I used to just make a pork green chile, but when I got serious about the idea of selling it was when I started experimenting with different ingredients (meats, gluten and dairy free ingredients, quality spices, etc.). I wanted to set myself apart from all the other green chile products out there by doing turkey instead of pork, making it with healthy ingredients and keeping gluten and dairy out of the product.

How often do you have a stall at the farmers’ markets here in town?
In the Winter months you can find me at Opera Galleria, they do a market three Saturdays a month. Spring, summer, and fall I alternate weekends at the Drake Road Farmers’ Market on Saturdays and the Fort Collins Farmers’ Market on Sundays. I am also going to do a market in Estes Park every other¬†Thursday¬†beginning in June.

Where else can people purchase your chile?
I offer FREE local delivery for orders over $20. Pick-up is also available from my place or the kitchen, just call ahead to set up a time.

Which people and/or organizations have had an influence on the growth and success of your business?

Family, friends, market managers and all the loyal customers who support and spread the word about Loco Bueno. Greg and Amy Lasley, owners of Rocky Mountain Salsa (the commissary where I cook) have also been a wonderful support!

loco-bueno-chile-fort-collinsWhat are your goals, your vision for the future?
My next step is to get into a USDA Certified kitchen so that I can wholesale to stores, restaurants, etc. Another goal is to get a new product on the shelf, it is a New Mexican Red Chile Sauce!

What do you like best about the farmers’ markets?
I love the sense of community with the vendors and shoppers!

What’s your favorite product available at Fort Collins farmers’ markets?
One of my favorites is Ready Beans, something I keep in my cupboard at all times!


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  1. Nan Zimmerman April 10, 2014 at 10:31 am #

    Please update Drake Road Farmers’ Market opening date. Is April 19 this year. Thanks!

    • Cecily July 14, 2014 at 12:33 pm #

      Sorry I didn’t see this before Nan. Thanks for letting me know. I made the update, bit late now though!

      Hope the market’s going well this year!

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