What Can You Get For $40?

Another fun trip to the Winters Farmers’ Market today. You can come home with all sorts of things if you throw down $40.

Here’s what we bought today:

Winters Famers' Market ProductsJodar Farms: country style pork ribs – $9/lb
Jodar Farms: dozen eggs: $5
Windsor Dairy: Colona cheese $8
MMLocal: pickled beets – $8
MMLocal: pickled peppers – $5
Westbridge Farms: pea shoots – $5

It turns out the beets in MMLocal’s “pickled boulder beets” were grown by Grant Family Farms, Wellington CO, and the peppers in the “high dessert peppers” were grown by Full Circle Farms, Longmont, CO (we know because the jars have sticky labels on the top telling us so).

Since our own chickens aren’t laying much at all in these temperatures I’ve been buying eggs from the happy egg co available at King Soopers. I like their eggs because they are closest I’ve found to our own chickens’ eggs with regards to color of the yolk, density of the white, and all round flavor, and they seem to have ethical farming practices. I spent $5.99 on some local free range eggs the other day that were particularly disappointing, the yolks were pale and the whites runny. I was intrigued by the greenish-blue eggs that Jodar Farms sell, and was told that these are from Ameraucana chickens. I’m looking forward to trying them out. If Jodar Farm eggs are as good as I’m hoping, I’ll buy from them until our chickens start laying well again.

If you like cheese and are partial to cheese with strong flavor you’ll love Windsor Dairy’s Colona Cheese. It’s been a while since I’ve bought it but as soon as I had a taste it brought back memories and I had to buy a chunk.

Figured out a way to get a ten year old to eat their fresh veggies, give them pea shoots 🙂

One of the highlights of the farmers’ markets is the opportunity to try things before you buy them. Today we were able to taste test everything except the meat and eggs (for obvious reasons), and once you’ve tasted it’s hard not to buy!

$40 seems like a lot for 6 items, and some items seem quite pricey compared to what you can buy in your local supermarket, but when you consider that this is local food, mostly organic, grown and produced in our community, with the money going back into our community, the price tag doesn’t seem as high.

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